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The basic professional principle and ethos at Marion Podiatry is about the provision of best clinical care for everyone who attends our rooms. Being such a long established practice, a very pleasant part of this, is that we get to know our patients and families – in some instances, this is now across four generations.

Aches and Pains Experienced as Active Adults

We provide assessment and management of foot and ankle conditions including:

  • ankle pain
  • heel pain
  • arch pain
  • forefoot pain
  • exercise and sporting injuries
  • knee pain, may also involve the foot


  • Footwear influences foot posture and gait (walking and running)
  • Different footwear constructions have different effect
  • Footwear needs to fit, protect, and ‘work with’ the foot and leg
  • Footwear assessment is an essential part of overall assessment and management of many foot conditions, and essential for best function and comfort
  • Footwear needs change with age
  • The wrong shoe will cause problems

Nail surgery

  • Ingrowing toenails are a common complaint, especially in adolescence.
  • Causes may include: abnormal nail structure/shape, poor cutting technique
  • Prompt treatment is recommended.
  • Pain along the nail border may also involve swelling and inflammation of adjacent tissues.
  • If the nail pierces the skin, infection of surrounding soft tissues often occurs, which spread to deeper tissues
  • If this is an ongoing problem, minor surgical intervention may be necessary for a permanent solution.
  • At Marion Podiatry, minor nail surgery is performed with local anaesthesia, and minimal discomfort.

Plantar Warts

Marion Podiatry is one of the first practices in South Australia to offer revolutionary new Swift Microwave Therapy for the treatment of persistent plantar warts. There is good evidence for significantly higher resolution rates in fewer treatments than other available treatment methods. For more information visit


  • Manual treatment of skin and nail conditions are available
  • All treatments use sterilised instrument packs
  • Please advise the podiatrist concerned regarding any allergies

The list of skin and nail conditions that presents is long and varied: corns, calluses, warts (verrucae), fissures, tinea, dermatitis, injury, wounds, ingrown nails, thick nails, fungal nails, deformed nails, other painful areas.
Taking individual health factors into account, treatment will often provide immediate relief.
Regular care is available for those who cannot self-care, or whose medical status directs this need. Liaison with GPs is maintained and efficient.


  • Foot orthoses may be required to resolve foot, ankle, and gait related problems and injuries.
  • At Marion Podiatry we prescribe a range of orthotics – from a simple padded insole to a 3D imaged device.
  • Selected generic orthotics are often used for short-term injuries, and for younger growing feet
  • Foot and ankle braces may also be indicated
  • A comprehensive examination, including a biomechanical assessment, gait analysis, review of usual footwear, is part of determining each person’s needs.

Children’s feet, shoes, and walking

Children’s feet and legs develop and change with age as a normal part of growth. There is an expected range of normal development against which all paediatric examinations are assessed, against a background of family history and individual development.
Children’s footwear will influence their stance and gait patterns. Sporting participation has special considerations at different ages. Children with special needs may have a range of foot health concerns. NDIS administration is available for children cared for within this framework.

  • Pain in children’s feet and legs should be assessed
  • Limping is not normal, and should be assessed
  • Seek advice if the left and right feet or legs are obviously different

Diabetes assessments

  • Annual diabetes reviews will assess blood flow, nerve function, foot structure and loading patterns, footwear, foot care.
    Practical factors ie poor vision, inability to reach the feet, are assessed within each assessment, and reported the other professional members of your health care team.

    • Diabetes can lead to serious consequences in the feet and legs eg infections, ulceration, amputation
    • Most of these problems are preventable with good care
    • Everyone with diabetes should have their foot health assessed at least annually, so that relevant care is directed, and problems avoided
    • Exercise is important for good management of diabetes, so foot health is important to mange every aspect of diabetes

Sports and Exercise

We encourage and are interested in all levels and modes of sport and exercise that contribute to physical health and fitness.

Efficient injury management is structured to enhance prompt return to sport and activity.

  • Strong and flexible feet are essential for all levels of sport and exercise.
  • Sport, activity and exercise are vital components of health, function and enjoyment.
  • Children are susceptible to particular growth related sports injuries.
  • Athletes are managed with a holistic ‘sports medicine’ approach.
  • Modified sports and activity are encouraged in the instance of health challenges or previous injuries.


The privacy policy at Marion Podiatry is based upon the Private Practice Privacy Guide from the Allied Health Professions Australia, 2014. This policy forms part of the information given and collected for every new patient, and is consistent for all patients, to ensure transparent management of personal information.

Marion Podiatry is a donor to Walk for Life – the national clubfoot aid project in Bangladesh, supported by the Glencoe Foundation.

The total cost of treatment for a child to receive FREE treatment for correction of their clubfoot deformity is $120. Marion Podiatry donates this cost every month, and is proud to enable 12 children to walk every year.

Please see for more information about Walk for Life, or contact Angela Evans at Marion Podiatry (who is the Australian goodwill ambassador, and happy to share the Walk for life story with your school, club, organisation). This is a project that we can all participate in so easily and with demonstrable benefit.



Angela Evans


Doctor of Philosophy

Fellow, Faculty of Podiatric Medicine, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Fellow, Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine


Regular Exercise

Cycling, walking, light weights, yoga


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Lachlan Armour


Bachelor of Podiatry


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Assisting administrative staff

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Within the practice’s podiatrists there are many specific accreditations and memberships, and Fellowships:

  • Australian Podiatry Association – Accreditation
  • Sports Medicine Australian – Membership
  • Australian Academy of Sports Podiatrists – Fellowship
  • Australian wound care association – Certification
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme – Provider



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